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We aspire to change the shape of learning to fit the shape of every learner.

Our education system measures itself by what students know. And while this is important, we believe that how we learn is just as important as what we learn. MyCited recognizes that human minds have many paths to learning. With current research in neuroscience, psychology, education, and technology we can now create individual models for learning and the tools that can serve those individual learning preferences. When we empower learning, knowledge becomes limitless for all.


We create learning technology that starts with neurodiverse minds.

From the jobs our tools are built to address, to our software design, to the learning awareness our tools create in their users–MyCited is technology in service of every learner.


More and more, we consume information via audio rather than from text alone. When we do, we need the ability to point to what is important, engage it, cite it, and return to it for the critical thinking and analysis that learning and original thought require.

MyCited is an audio highlighter and notebook that allows a listener to

  • Retain audio information from any source
  • Pair information with a formatted citation
  • Capture relevant and related thoughts and ideas
  • Access organizational and analytical tools in preparation for writing and thinking
  • Export information as a whole or in pieces.


Proudly founded in the midwest, MyCited is located in Columbus, OH (Shawnee, Wyandot land).

Amelia Menk Brown

Amelia is the Founder and CEO of MyCited. First and foremost a world changer, she offers a strong vision for improved futures in education and a knack for activation with passion and integrity. Entering her 25th year serving the EdTech community, Amelia believes that how we solve problems greatly determines what we create. Given this, she looks to the advantages of diverse and neurodiverse thinking, multidisciplinary approaches, and systems of interdependence to solve local and global problems alike.

David R. Brown

David is Chief Dyslexic Officer of MyCited. A futurist and technologist whose dyslexic thinking is the key to his ability to identify patterns and insights that elude many of us, David brings rigor, research, and a healthy dose of skepticism to his discourse and solution engineering.


We invite you to become a member of our Early Adopter Team! Early Adopters get access to early versions of our software FOR FREE to use immediately in their own lives and to help shape the development of our software experience. We happily invite users ages 10-110+ to join us in transforming the future of learning. Fill out the form below and we will be in touch!


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